Life List

I once had an entry talking about my ‘life list’. This was a list of all the things I wanted to do before I die – inspired by Ted Leonsis’ My 101 List. The problem is that as I come up with things I want to do, I can’t find that list. How can I hold myself accountable to my wishes and dreams if I can’t remember what was on the list? Now I have a page. I will update it as I realize the dreams (both done and to be done).

  • Swim with dolphins (check)
  • Learn to surf (check)
  • Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Snorkel in Hawaii (check)
  • Snorkel in Mexico (check)
  • Snorkel in Caribbean (check)
  • Visit all 50 states (41 out of 50 done)
  • Stay at a Disney resort (check)
  • Meet favorite band (check)
  • Have happy and healthy child(ren) (check)
  • Raise child(ren) to be happy, healthy, productive members of society
  • Have grandchildren
  • Have great grandchildren
  • Zero debt (almost)
  • Keep family home in the family
  • Have a house on the beach of an ocean
  • Help husband realize dream of opening a  brewery
  • See a pro football game live (check)
  • See a pro hockey game (check)
  • See a pro basketball game (check)
  • See a pro baseball game (check)
  • Catch a foul ball or hockey puck
  • Go to the Olympics
  • Learn to play golf
  • Live in another country (check)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Write (and publish) a book
  • Be a published writer
  • Scuba dive
  • Ride an elephant (check)
  • Grow a veggie garden (check)
  • Do two pull ups
  • Ride through Panama Canal
  • See the Nutcracker (check)
  • Go Zip lining (DONE! 10/16/10)
  • Go to Puxatawny for Groundhogs Day
  • See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade live (and see the balloons being inflated the night before)
  • Go to Churchill, Canada to see the Polar Bear migration
  • Ski a black diamond
  • Go to Chichen Itza
  • Have laugh lines. Only way to do that is smile and laugh a LOT. (working on it)

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