Everyone loves a good story. But since moving to this town, I have become a big fan of hearing the “REALLY GREAT” story (that has next to zero facts), and knowing the “real story” (typically very mundane).

Now that I have a job at a place I love, with a team I love, and I can sometimes see my house from work – I have shared that I live in “that” house. This has traditionally been something I keep to myself. I am glad that I have shared this because I have since heard various stories about the house that I call home. I thought this would be a great place to share the lore – maybe the kid will find it some day and find as much amusement as I have found in the stories.

Stories that I have heard from others:

  • Soup (mis)fortune: The heiress of the Soup fortune moved to Charlottesville, but her son was unable to get into UVA. She was disappointed, and disheartened, so she vowed to build a house that would “look down” on the school for excluding her son.
    • The flaws in the story: The family in question is from New Jersey and (to my knowledge) has never lived in this town.
    • Building a house to look “down” on a school seems pretty stupid. Just sayin’
  • Dr. Suess:
    • Built the house when he was kicked out of (or rejected from) UVA (to look “down” on hooville)
    • Was offended by the owner of the house, then used the owner of the house as the inspiration of the Grinch.
      • Flaws – I cannot find any “real” evidence that Theodor Geisel ever actually lived in Virginia. The only references also reference the house – which I know to be false.
      • Timing – Grinch was written in 1966 (ok, this one goes with the owner story…).
  • It’s Monticello:
    • Flaws – it is not. It is a big house near UVA, but it has no other reference to dear old TJ.

There are several variations of these stories. The bits and pieces are going to keep me entertained for years to come. I hope the stories continue while I hide in plain sight for people to tell me the amazing story that is “SO TRUE”.

It has also taught me to listen to other stories with a grain of salt.