One of the things I love most about my dearest Bean is that her current state of mind believes with her whole heart that Hubby and I are the best parents ever. It is heart warming and lovely. And in my jaded mind, I want to collect the evidence of her naivety to show her later when “she hates us”.

Yesterday was my birthday. Hubby and I have gotten out of the habit of getting gifts for each other. Instead, if we see something totally awesome that the other would love, we bring it home randomly. On special occasions, we recognize the event in other ways – but no gifts. The Bean, on the other hand, doesn’t get this. Birthdays are for presents and cake! While I can respect the girl for loving good cake – I had to laugh at her gift to me. Not that I needed a hint, but hubby assured me this gift idea was 100% hers.

It was a lovely pop-up card, with a hand written note saying “I love you! I think you are the best mommy ever!” And in true nearly-8-year-old-fashion, there were hearts over the i’s. In addition to the card, she came with what in her mind is the best thing a birthday can have, outside of cake. She gave me a Twix. And I love her for the card and the candy.