Dear person with hair,

When I saw you at the movie theater, I recognized you as “a cancer patient”. Speaking as a cancer patient, I am so sorry that I had that recognition come to mind. However, you were rocking the shaved head far more bravely than I am. I couldn’t tell if it was just coming out, or if it was growing back. It had the uneven loss look that made me believe it was chemo-related hair loss and not just a hair style choice. I know that when I first shaved my head, I was (and still am) very shy to share it with the world. When I am at home and with close friends, I can do  the bald thing, but I cannot bring myself to show the baldness to the world the way that you are doing it. I congratulate you for that boldness!

I love that you still had a little hair. When I had that amount of hair after shaving, I thought I would never feel it was “a lot of hair”. But now that I am growing mine back and have the baby fine wisps of baby hair that you can only see if you are “really” looking, my first thought when I saw you was that it was in progress of growing back and I wanted to ask you how long it took and I was envious of your mass of hair.

I hate it when strangers recognize (and mention) my cancer patient status, so I opted to leave you be. But I want you to know that your hair looks awesome and I can’t wait to look just like you.