When I dream about the most awesome life I can ever have, it includes my husband, my daughter, a 2nd house at a beach (it doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must be safe, have the basic comforts of modern life, and the ability to hear and see the waves crash from a porch where I will spend A LOT of time) and my writing profession will lead me to be sought after, but not famous.

Hubby and daughter are a forever work in progress and all in all, going well in terms of fulfilling my dream. The beach house dream is one that is possible and something I continue to work on through being fiscally responsible and knowing it will happen. For some reason the writing profession always leads to a stumbling block. I write in various forms for a living, and have kept a blog for a very long time (though don’t pay enough attention to it), but it isn’t going far because I have various reasons that boil down to nothing more than lame excuses. Here are the top excuses:

1) Write every day?? Are you crazy? I don’t have time for that. I do have time for TV, social media and snacks that are also unneeded.

2) I can’t focus on a topic. I have 1,000 ideas, none are complete and only a small handful even have beginnings.

3) Even if I don’t focus on the same topic all the time, I can’t seem to focus on one topic at a time. Same excuse, but this time you add the “shiny bobble distraction syndrome”. My blog was even named partly so I don’t have to focus on a single topic.

4) But I need money! Um… writing doesn’t cost anything. If I write – which is a passion – it will hone the skill and then people will want to pay me for it – right??

5) I am too embarrassed to share my writing. What if “they” don’t like it. This one has a build in blocker – “They” won’t like your work, so don’t write for “them” – write for you and your people. I write (partly) for a living, and share it. It’s received well – why is “outside work” writing different?

It’s funny how the things you practice at the most are the things you are best at doing. Sadly, I am an expert excuse maker.