The latest, greatest food fads are usually a turnoff to me. The basics of “eat nutritious foods, not too many of them, and satisfy cravings in moderation” is what I strive for. However, I am far from following this in my life. The one I have heard a lot about lately is one that intrigues me though – “Clean Eating”.

As with most “diet fads”, it proposed a detox of sorts, to get you into the program. The detox suggests cutting out all the “bad things 100%” for a period (2 weeks seems to be the norm). The benefit of this fad is that it follows the mantra of “eat nutritious foods” – which I can get behind. However, I am not good at this for a few reasons. The biggest reason is my will-power. I will cave for the super-processed food in lieu of not eating or eating very late because I didn’t plan well, and frankly, some of them are just super tasty. I don’t do the cooking in our house (hubby is on board with making good food from scratch, but loves “food in a box” flavor on many things – as does the kiddo… two against one, and, I hate cooking.) I go through phases of good planning – but it is not consistent. At all.

So, while chatting with friends about this, I was thinking that I could do a “clean eating light” plan, aka, like when company is coming. It is kind of like your house might not be as clean as it could be, but it will do for company coming over. So, here’s my dining plan… of sorts.

I may not do the cooking, but I do the grocery shopping. I will buy the “whole foods” in all forms except bread (kid will not eat it and hubby doesn’t like it and I won’t eat a loaf of the “good” stuff before it goes bad), I can’t afford organic everything, so I don’t. My bacon is most certainly processed, but it is so tasty, I am letting that “get swept under the rug”. Breakfast can be different for all – I need something the kid will eat on a weekday in under 10 minutes when needed – let’s not try to save the world at breakfast, let’s just get out the door without the need for child services to be called, shall we? Salad dressing is another one I can make, and like better, but simply not willing to commit to all the time. I will get dressing that I know all the ingredients. I gave up on soda and don’t really want it anymore, but my tea gets a tsp of sugar. Not “natural sweetener that is not processed”, sugar. OK, honey if I am home… but on the go it is sugar.

Eating like company is coming is something I can commit to. and I am sure there are other changes to “clean” I will make along the way.

I am curious which eating fads you love or hate and why?