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Dearest Bean,

You have survived your first month of being 5 years old. This is in spite of your newly found sense of independence. I want you to be independent, meaning that i want you to get dressed on your own, find your coat when it is time to go, put your toys away, set the table, eat your food while sitting down. You want to be independent, meaning that you want to say “no” to anything asked of you – even if it was not a question. You have gone from the kid who was very easy to put to bed and was very cooperative to the kid who refuses to go to bed, refuses to brush your own teeth, refuses to sit down while eating and saying no to any suggestion – even when it is something you actually want to do.

I have to say that the first month showed me that I am not a fan of 5.

That is, until Daddy introduced the best princess movie ever -Star Wars.

Early in the month was the first time I ever sent you to your room. You didn’t really get it and kept coming out. Once I pulled out the “baby gate card”, you understood that when you were “sent to your room”, I was out of options of what to take away. There was a lot of talking about behavior and consequences.

When you asked Daddy if you could watch his favorite movie EVER, the stars in his eyes and love in his heart. You fell in love with the movie and particularly loved the very special princess. Finally! A princess you love that isn’t a meek little girl who is saved by a boy! Also known as, a princess I can get behind!

Before we tried Star Wars, you went to see Frozen in the theater with me. you liked the movie and I loved that the sisters saved each other and the boy was there, and a good figure, but not critical to the saving. You thought it was a nice movie, but didn’t care too much about it. With Star Wars, you were IN from the very beginning. Who knew?

About the time you started watching Star Wars, and Daddy pulled out some of his old Star Wars toys (of which there are many), your behavior improved. Daddy says that “Star Wars fixed you”. I am not ready to give full credit – I think we had something to do with it, but whatever the problem was – it is back to the awesome kid again.

On Saturdays, you have started taking swimming lessons again and also started gymnastics again. The rest of the time you are as energetic as ever and have loved doing exercise videos with me. Although your version of exercise has been doing the first one like me, then jumping and wiggling as fast as you can, touting how fast you can do it. It is still fun to have a little exercise buddy – so even though I am not “as fast” as you, it is great to have the time with you.

As always, Daddy and I love you very much and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Love, Mommy