A smart woman once told me that one of the best ways to reach your goal is to tell everyone you know what it is. 


It does seem odd to self-shame yourself into doing what you really want to do, but it seems that everything I’ve REALLY wanted to do and have told the world about I have done. I wanted to keep the life list going… and have managed to swim with dolphins – even though I really didn’t have an idea of how I would manage that one at the time. I said I wanted to learn to snowboard and learn to surf and all these things have managed to happen. But only when I am willing to publicly shame myself if I don’t do it. 



So here is my newest public shaming attempt at reaching my next goal. I am going to run (not walk and likely not fast) 4 miles by August 30, 2014. I’ve said this to some before, because I really want to run a particular race for cancer research locally – but this time I really mean it. I mean it enough to publicly shame myself into doing it. My goal is 217 days away and I am training – slowly. But really!