Dearest Bean,

You are growing and growing. You no longer look anything like a baby nor a toddler – you are officially a “kid” – a big kid, as you like to remind us. Along with all of your “kid” features, you are also acting like a kid – you want to be more and more independent and love to do new things by yourself.

You love to brush your own hair – the small hitch in this plan is that you can’t really reach all of your hair. While trying to get it all nice and neat, you mat it into a giant ball of hair, then proudly show me what a good job you did. I try to let you know that you missed just one spot (failing to mention it was the entire head of hair aside from the pieces next to your ears).

twirlAs expected, the only thing you want to wear is a “pretty dress” – every day. You have one favorite because of how big the twirl is. The minute this dress is clean, it is the one you want to wear, and then proceeded to pull it out of the hamper to wear it again and again. I do let it slide if there are no visible food bits or dirt on it. Other days (when that one is dirty), you want to wear any other dress. Even if it has no sign of a twirl, you spin and spin, seeing the twirl in your mind.

You were given a name with a lot of options for nicknames. We thought we’d have one picked out for you, but none really stuck. Now, you have chosen your own nick name. I like to think it was my influence, because I used it when I’d sing to you to calm you as a baby – but the reality is your friends call you this name. I knew your friends would influence you, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

Over the past few months you have taken swimming lessons and have LOVED being in the water. You are very good, except for that whole “breathing while swimming” thing – you have yet to master the ability to swim and come up for air. You will happily jump into the pool and swim to me as far as your one breath will take you. You also love to swim to the bottom of the pool to grab various things. With a float, you will flutter about the pool to go to the next location as though it were an emergency every time.

Although it is now August, you still request Christmas songs frequently. I put a ban on Christmas music until November, but you still ask. Instead, I put some other favorites on my iPod to listen to – you love all Muppet songs (especially Rainbow Connection), Wagon Wheel (by Old Crow Medicine Show) and a variety of Julie Andrew’s favorites from Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music. I have also started the process to make you love The Nightmare Before Christmas – although I think the movie is still a bit too much for you, you always request “Jack Skeleton songs”.easter

For Easter, you requested that the Easter Bunny leave you a treasure map to find the eggs hidden for you. Luckily for you, your personal Easter Bunny LOVED this idea and had just the right tools for it. Your treasure map was found in your empty basket on the kitchen table, then led you through the house, the yard and driveway, even up to the roof – where you found the GOLDEN EASTER BUNNY. Your Easter Bunny was very excited that you were as excited by the result of the treasure map as he was at creating it.

We took our trip to see the family in April and you, again, had a ball with Grandma. She was getting in the dirt and working on a variety of projects involving sand, dirt and mud. Grandma even got you a pool to play in with a float in the shape of a sea-horse. The other Grandma entertained you by playing with the hose and her dog, who LOVED to chase the water. During that trip, we went to the local science museum, where you were able to name every planet as it showed up on the screen – I knew you loved playing with your space cards, but had no idea how much you were retaining (and clearly I underestimated your genius).

In the spring we went to a carnival, where you begged to play one of the games. I let you play the one I knew that you couldn’t win – and, you did. You even won a goldfish that you promptly named “Water.” The funny thing about your prize is that your prize required an additional $30 of equipment to keep your “prize” alive – then it died. After the autopsy report (i.e., Daddy checking the water), we discovered it was the water that was the problem. The problem was solved and you got a Beta fish – a red one. You named him “Red”. I do love your naming system.

This summer, Daddy has been working on school work so on the weekend mornings we have gone to visit all the city parks and pools – much to your delight. Your favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to go to the farmer’s market and get a honey stick. More than once we have come home with something you swore up and down you would eat, and then would not touch. You are eating normal foods, though the variety is extremely limited. Thankfully you love the standard veggies, so that isn’t a fight I have to worry about for now.

Daddy and I love you to the moon and back – even if you don’t want to read that story with us anymore.

Love, Mommy