Next Mommy of the YearI have blogged as part of my work for a very long time, but I am officially cheating on this blog with another blog. A Mommy blog.

I will not forget about this one – we have a long history that I won’t give up. This blog will be the everything else blog it has always been, but the only kiddo related entries will be the letters to the bean. I have been trying to figure out how to focus my blog writing without giving up my dear sixofclubs – so had to jump on the band wagon.

Now you can read me over here too – It is a tongue-in-cheek title in which other Mommies and I know that we are doing the things we swore we would never do, fixing the mistakes of our parents and making all new ones. We may not be the Mommies of the year, but our kids are still happy and healthy – in spite of our best efforts.