Dearest Bean,

snow angelIt finally snowed outside this month. You have been very excited about making a snowman and finally it snowed enough to stick. It snowed overnight, so there were about 4 or 5 inches by morning. We got bundled up and ran outside. I was quite worried that this Mommy from the desert had a lack of snowman-making skills, but as it turns out, it was the “wrong kind of snow” – I am still not clear on what that means, but I couldn’t make the snow into a ball to even get started. Thankfully, you had a ball just knocking snow off everything and making snow angels.

You are having random memory recall now. For example, you (randomly) one day, recalled every detail of our experiment day in which we removed the M’s off of M&Ms. You said “We did a “speramint” (aka, experiment)! My friend shared his bike! I liked it!”

Your friends at school are a few months older than you, which means they are going to go to pre-school next year. But, in that cute way you have, you didn’t get the words quite right. You say: When I turn 4, I get to go to “pretty school” And when I turn 5, I get to go to “garden school”. I have been trying to find out what happens after that, but so far, you don’t have anything more to add.

The dirt from daycare continues. You have now started to fill your pockets with dirt and rocks. I cannot express to you how much I love this new habit (because I don’t). But, you play outside the way kids should and you come home happy and worn out. I can’t complain. (Don’t judge the dirty purple coat in the picture – I swear it gets clean regularly)

Potty training is going well. Still no “#2’s” at home, but all in all, going well. On the last day of this month, you even got yourself dressed. I picked out the clothes, but you took off your pajamas and dressed yourself – everything except the socks.