And… for the breakdown of last year’s resolutions and goals.

Last years resolutions: Check (mostly)

  • I lost some weight, but really… it was negligible.
  • I found a job that I love
  • I cleaned most of the closets, but the undone room is still undone.
  • I kept up with getting rid of things and we now have less stuff (except kid stuff – big pile, but waiting to see what friends want)
  • I got air conditioning in the house!
  • I took a vacation and I took Bean to the beach
  • I even ate more fun fruit and and kept up with writing it.

I kept up with other mini-life lists as well.

  • Complete a lazy-man: I lost track of this. I probably hit the run/walk and swimming, but I didn’t come close to the biking… trying again.
  • Volunteer for 200 hours in a year: Again, I lost track, but pretty sure I got this one.
  • Try something new every week until the end of the year. I didn’t keep track, but if I count all the weeks and all the new things and average it, probably. I definitely didn’t do something new EVERY week.
  • Make an entire week’s dinner in a day (and actually eat the dinners): CHECK! I have some this a few times and LOVE it.
  • Bake 10 new recipes (I only did 10 because there are only 17 weeks left in the year) Well over. Found new favorites, too!
  • Reduce my wardrobe to ½ its current size (Yes, finally get rid of the clothes I swear I will wear, but never do.) I reduced, but not by 1/2. Will keep up with this as well.