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The last month of age 2 started with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They were able to give you all the things that Grandparents do – they hugged, spoiled and loved you… and you ate it up. Thankfully you are over the shy phase and were only too happy to take in all the grand parents had to give.

Since your last birthday you’ve been having tea parties with your toys. This month you got to join Mommy for a real tea party. You were really excited at the idea of it, but when it came time to actually sit with adults, you found other things to do.

Your desire to have a birthday got stronger. We’ve been having a countdown of sorts for a while and finally the last birthday of your Godfather came and went and you knew that your birthday was next. Every day for two weeks we got a notice that your birthday was coming. I wondered what you expected to happen when you actually turned 3, but you certainly had big plans.

Developmentally, you are still really smart, a good thinker, potty training is going well (except that whole refusal to poop thing) and you still won’t eat. I am learning to embrace this until a doctor tells me otherwise. I promise it is better than before, but that is all I can promise.

Now – on to the Christmas season and you. First, you loved the “Aaa-bent calendar” (aka, advent calendar). Each day you would ask what number we are so you can open that drawer and find a chocolate treat. Each day I would explain who Santa was and how he was going to come visit if you were good. As the month went on, this got better. Eventually you were genuinely excited about his arrival. We made Christmas cookies with your friend and you decorated with about ½ a bottle of sprinkles per cookie. Later we made a gingerbread house and you were all too happy to put candy on the house with lots of icing (sampling a few along the way). It was a great looking house, but we made sure not to actually eat the slobbery side.

Much to my amazement, you actually took a picture with Santa on our first visit! OK – you took a little coaxing, but it was done on the first visit. I LOVE these pictures and will want one every year. I hope you continue to get more comfortable with it.

To continue to confuse Halloween and Christmas, we went to a costume party with our dear friends. You got to dress up as Tinkerbell again and I was a pirate. I was excited to be able to go as a matching costume, but you didn’t seem to get it. Eh, maybe next year.

Daddy and I went so far overboard with presents that we actually had more than enough for Christmas, your birthday. We have a few things reserved for future gift-giving occasions. The big hits for gifts this year were a huge doll house from Daddy and I and a princess doll that Santa got for you. You drag this poor doll around by her hair and all the old toys are new again by making them characters in the doll house.

Finally preparing for New Year’s and your birthday you were SOO excited that I don’t think you slept much.

You are finally three years old (big girl, dontcha know) and we love you more than anything in the world.

Love, Mommy