(OK, so timeliness isn’t my strong suit lately. You will forgive me. Look at that cool button that let’s you publish in the past… I think we will use that today….)

Dearest Bean,

This month you spent reinforcing to us that you loved Halloween. A small reason could be that you still had candy at the end of the month from your huge bounty on Halloween evening. This was proven by you still shouting “Happy Halloween” several weeks later. You made Mommy proud.

This month you have had great progress in potty training. You are spending several days a week at school without a diaper (except nap time). We are thrilled with this, but because you have this progress in the forefront of your mind and because you like to use these terms with great frequency. You love to talk about poop. All the time. Sometimes Pee is fun to talk about, but mainly poop. Not that you will do that for us at home on the potty. Ever. But apparently you do at school and all your friends are doing it (go peer pressure!) it is a topic to discuss all the time at home. You have proven that you have great control because when we try to catch you at a time we know you have to “go #2”, we take you to the potty and you will refuse to go. So much that you actually had a problem with constipation this month. NOW I get why prunes are such a popular food for toddlers… I never got why, now I do.

Also related to potty training, you are focused on your body parts. Particularly those people don’t discuss in mixed company. However, we refused to come up with fake names for the body parts. A vagina is a vagina, etc. You focus on it so much that sometimes it is confused with the state in which you live.  One morning you looked out your bedroom window and proudly said “I live in Vagina.” It is moments like this that remind me why sometimes the hardest part about being a parent is not to laugh. I failed at this task and you began to repeat it. Over and over again.

In other developmental news, you still love puzzles (always have). Daddy got you a regular puzzle (I think it was an 18 piece puzzle) and you mastered it after Daddy showed you how two pieces worked. You took a little time to figure it out, but it was mastered within an hour. Because of that, we found other puzzles for you that were designed for kids 4 or 5 or older and you figured them out. Of course WE know you are a genius, but it is nice to have this reinforced from time to time.

There is a great petting zoo nearby where we went to feed the animals. You fell in love with the overly friendly camel and thought the sheep and house cat were great. You were less than impressed with the albino wallaby – maybe later in life you will understand how unusual this is. You did squeal with glee when you were feeding anything that would actually eat out of your hand. Thankfully the animals were used to high pitch squealing (or are deaf) and they stuck around.

Thanksgiving came and our houseguests included a boy around age 6 who taught you how to play hide and seek. I think this was my favorite part of your learning. Since then, you have been playing with your dolls (I wonder how skilled they would be at finding if they could move on their own.) You did avoid eating (as usual), but overall it was a great dinner. On Black Friday you joined us for local festivities and you were so excited to see the Grinch! You were even willing to take a picture with him. Santa you won’t take a picture with, but the Grinch you will… hmm. I think you are my kid.

With Thanksgiving over, we decorated for Christmas. As we decorated, everything started to click. You were so excited for Christmas to come that it made Daddy and I so much more excited about Christmas with you.

We can’t wait for Christmas with you and so much more.

Much love,