I’ve logged 186 out of 200 volunteer hours.

I cleared the closet of sellable items and began a big pile of donations. Not quite ½ my wardrobe yet, but well on the way.

New things – I will have to average to count for “at least one per week” – some of these were the same day or week, and had one or two weeks with nothing. Since I am the one keeping score, I think it counts.

–          I went to Foxfield Races (a local thing I have been meaning to do)

–          I did two huge “cook ahead” days – separately. The food from the first batch fed us for two weeks and we are only on day one for the second batch, but I am a convert to this idea. The cook days added 9 new recipes to the repertoire.

–          I went apple picking and picked a pumpkin out of a patch (off the vine)

–          Did the local corn maze

–          Saw ‘Wicked’(Broadway play)

–          Went wine tasting at a local vineyard (Keswick Vineyard)

–          Went to a local petting farm and cuddled with a camel and pet an albino wallaby

–          Reconnected with family that I knew about, but had never met

–          Took child to dentist and learned that I both suck and rock as a parent (I’ll let you know when I start caring what the dental hygienist thinks about my mad parenting skillz)

–          Planned a low key birthday (this doesn’t sound like much – but it is new for me. I’ve had low-key parties before, but they were never planned that way)

–          Took the Bean to a Halloween party and trick or treating (for real)

I baked an apple cake – it sucked, but it was a new recipe. (This takes me to 9 out of 10 for the year)

Lazy man was stalled, but is back underway again. 2.25 extra mile walk/run (making it a total of 7.25 miles down) and 6.8 miles on bike (making it 10.8 miles) I even almost doubled the swimming portion with an extra ½ hour taking me to 1 hour 5 min. towards the 4.8 hours of swimming.