Dearest Bean,

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your monthly update on what is going on, or think that nothing much happened. In fact, we have been so busy that I haven’t had time.

In September you…

–          Cheered mommy on while I ran a 4 mile race. Daddy was tired, but you were excited for all the clapping everyone was doing.

–          You went to your BFF’s birthday party (and this is where you learned that you love frosting – but don’t really like cake. So you took your yummy cupcake – licked off the frosting, then left the soggy cake to “share” with mommy. FYI, there are some things you don’t need to share… slobbered on soggy cake would fall into that category.

–          Daddy had a work event in Maryland, so you and I tagged along for the ride. While there, we went to the National Aquarium where you were really excited to see the dolphins, then were not impressed by the fancy tricks they did at their dolphin show. But you did really love the gray fish that was in front of a giant eel who was popping his entire body out of his hole (this NEVER happens) – but you did love that gray fish in front of him. You also were really excited to see the sharks, but again were less than impressed with them once you saw them. I am curious what you had in mind, exactly. If you can fill me in later, that’d be great.

–          The next day of our Maryland trip, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival (only one of the best fair’s I’ve seen). This did impress you. You got to ride a pony, eat loads of great fair food and the best part of all – you got to ride an Elephant! We did it together and I have been waiting forever to do this, so glad I got to do it with you!

In October you…

–          This was the first “Frantober” you really got into. You were excited about this “Halloween” thing, although you didn’t really get it until Halloween night – but excited all month!

–          We went apple picking and you got to pick out your favorite pumpkins and pick apples. We went a little crazy w/ the apples and pumpkins, but it was well worth it for a great day!

–          You went with me to a local corn maze (I have been trying to do this for years) and again, so glad you were there with me to do it this year.

–          You went to another birthday party (but Mommy learned to not give you a cupcake – you got a cookie instead)

–          Your great grandmother’s first cousin’s son (I don’t know what that makes him to you, so I am going with “cousin”) came to visit us because he was in town for the football game. It was great to reconnect with that arm of the family again.

–          I took you to your first play – it was a children’s play downtown (and it was lame) You were note even entertained a little bit. You had to have your first eventually. Hopefully future plays will actually entertain you. Thankfully you had two friends w/ you to go have ice cream with afterward.

–          The school had picture day – which I call parents are suckers day. Yes, I got a small package because I am, indeed, a sucker. They really are cute pictures though!

–          We closed out the month with a Halloween party at your friend’s house and trick or treating door to door. You are such a shy and introverted kid that I was wondering if you would actually trick or treat. As it turns out, your BFF (the extrovert) had to drag you to the first house. Once you figured out that they gave you candy, you were very eager to go to all of the houses – getting more and more excited with each house. It dawned on me that this is the most bizarre practice to teach kids to beg for candy and it is OK to knock on a stranger’s door and accept candy from them – but only on this one night. It is not ok any other time. Thankfully you have not tried it again since. Your costume was Tinkerbell and you looked SOOO very adorable. However next year I will have to remember that costumes need to allow for long sleeves and pants. It was mighty cold for trick or treating, so you had to wear pants, long sleeves and your jacket underneath your costume. I think it worked out OK, but left a  little to work toward next year.

Daddy and I are very proud of you. You are talking up a storm, counting, starting to spell words (you can spell stop) and you spell all the words on your flash cards with great ease (while looking at them). We are starting to teach you about adding and subtracting and since you love animals so much, we are starting to get more complicated with the descriptions. For example, you know what a mammal is and what that means.