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One of my favorite things in the world is checking things off lists. Productivity lists are great to check things off of, but I am talking about big lists. Lists that are full of things that are life-long dreams, huge goals and even a few silly things that are for fun along the way.

The past couple of weeks have been very good – although I do need to learn to be more specific in my wishes.

Last week’s New thing to do was helping the Bean get a urine sample (as it turns out, she has a urinary tract infection). It is not easy to convince a 2 year old who is not potty trained to pee not only on demand, but in a cup. Or, better yet, let Mommy get a sample “mid stream”. Apparently the doctor doesn’t understand that “mid stream” happens for about .45 seconds of the 2 second event. Instead of getting a sample, I got peed on. From that point forward, I update my desire to do something new AND enjoyable every week. Lesson learned (hopefully). Either way, mini life list – check.

To follow up, this week, I did do something new and enjoyable… and even got another item off my resolutions list.  I got a JOB! Again, I have to learn to be even more specific – it is only part time. But it should be full time in the next few months. True to form, I won’t discuss work here – but I am excited about the position and think it is a really good fit for me.

And – cherry on the top – I get to check something off the Life List (you know, THE list.) I rode an elephant! The short story is that we took a quick family vacation to Maryland and Elizabeth rode a pony (which she loved) and we both road on an Elephant. I was so excited to walk around that tiny circle on this giant animal!

Lazy man work: Other than the walking around the Renaissance Festival, volunteering a lot, and general moving around, I have not moved an inch toward the marathon – but still 5 miles down. I did get a lot of work done on the swimming portion, but since it is now too cold to swim in an outdoor pool – not sure how I will finish this part this year. We will see. For now, I have 2 hours and 10 minutes toward that goal. I’ve also moved the bike, although it was only one ride – either way, it is 4 miles down.

I have volunteered an additional 10 hours toward the 200 for the year (now 132 hours)

I got rid of a lot of things by selling them in a consignment sale – although I fully admit I have a lot more to go.