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This is far too complicated, but hey – you are the one reading. You do it for my inspirational commentary and so you can laugh when absurd things happen. Not to worry, I would too.

Lazy man update: It got cold. Really cold. Why does this matter? It is really hard to swim in an outdoor pool when it is cold and rainy. I have decided that since I can’t easily measure 2.4 miles, I estimated (read: made up) how long it would take if I did swim that far and I will swim and/or tread water for that long. I estimate 4.8 hours (288 minutes). If you can offer a correction for a decent swimmer with no actual training, I am all ears. Until then – this is what I am going with.

  •  I walk/ran for 5 miles
  •  Swam for 35 minutes
  •  Know where my bike is (but it has yet to move)

I baked 2 new recipes: Apple berry crisp (modified from pear berry crisp) and homemade granola bars (also modified). They are so very yummy, but I must admit that the crisp is a favorite to begin with, but when you add berries it is heaven on a spoon.

I have tried new things: new fun fruit (two-fer: I get resolution points and mini list points) and baked new recipes. wOOt!

I’ve also started fantasy football. This is odd for me because, while I like football, it is a passing interest. If my game is on, great – I’ll watch; if I miss it, no big deal. Hubby pointed out that I am doing it because it is a game and I am too competitive not to at least be tempted by it – and he is right. Now I am going to TAKE OUT all the other players – not because I want to be the fantasy football champion, per say – I just want to win.

On the less than fun “new thing” – we had a copper head snake in the house. It was discovered by a guest in the basement. He told me about it and I promptly went to tell my hero/hubby who slayed the mighty beast to save his family. He said it was about 2 feet long – not wanting to see it, I took his word for it. If it were a non-poisonous snake, I would have happily had him move it away from the house and call it done. Something about an animal that could kill my daughter in the house doesn’t inspire the “save the animals” side of me – the beast had to die.