This weekend, Squishy and I had fun fruit redo. We had two we have had, but didn’t document.

First up the Sapote.
It has the texture of an avocado, green on outside and white on inside with big seeds. The flavor is very mild and unremarkable.

Squishy review: mildly sweet, not bad, not great.
My review: blah. Worth trying if you are into trying new things, but I won’t be getting it again.



image (those kidney looking things are the seeds)

Next up is star fruit. It should be noted that the one we have doesn’t look like it is at the peak, but a just before ripe.
This fruit is, as the name suggests, shaped like a star when cut.  It is citrus-like and sweet.

Squishy review: odd texture, like a hard orange. Strong citrus flavor without sweetness. Overall good, but won’t be getting anymore.
My review: tasty, simply sweet and citrusy. I like it and think it would be good in a salad for visual interest and simple flavor.