Without going into a lot of detail, prior to this year, the last time I had beer was 1987. I will just say it was a bad experience that I didn’t want to repeat – and giving up beer was the solution to that problem in my mind.

Then I went and married a guy who would later be a brewer with his sights on opening his own brewery. I take no blame for being a bad brewer’s wife – I am a good wife to a guy who became a brewer. This is harder to explain when you want to support your partner, but have this tiny refusal to try the brew.

Translation – give it a whirl. I have been trying very small sips of beer here and there. The goal is to not vomit when I have a beer at the opening of hubby’s brewery. Interestingly enough, I finally found a beer that I was willing to have more than a single sip – even several sips. I got a sour (basically, it is spoiled beer – as described by hubby).

But – I did it. We went to Marblehead Brewery in Albuquerque and I ordered and drank a beer. I didn’t finish it, but I drank about half. Even the person who ordered it for me said it was hard to finish it because the flavor is so very strong.

Who knows how long it will be before I can actually enjoy a beer fest , but it is a start.