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For unknown reasons, I have been feeling the need to nest – sort of. Instead of nesting in the sense of bringing in new things, I have felt the need to purge all my old crap and get it out of the way. While purging, I am planning Halloween and Christmas festivities and how to use my home-grown produce in a clever and tasty way.

What happened to the girl who would be perfectly happy with a stack of stuff “over there” as long as I was reasonably certain I could find something if I needed to? What happened to the girl who doesn’t grow things¸ much less eat what is grown? OK – Halloween planning isn’t new, but Christmas planning? In August?  I can only ask one thing… WTF?

I’d blame it on the kid, except she’s been around for almost 3 years. I’d blame it on needing the space… but that isn’t a problem. Could it be my age? Other women my age don’t seem to be going this kind of crazy and men get cool cars for their midlife crisis. If this is my midlife crisis, there’d better be a fancy Corvette at the bottom of that closet I am clearing out!

Do you ever go through these phases? Is here a cure? Is it worth a fight?