My Dearest Bean,

This month has, yet again, proven that one of the hardest things about parenting is not laughing. I am going to jump right into this letter to you with some potty humor. Not that kind. you know. Humor about the potty.

Potty training is eh… going. slowly. You are VERY excited and proud to be wearing pull ups. There have been a few days in which you have been dry, but the poo has been an issue. For the first part of the month, I managed to “catch” you at a time when you “have to go” and yet you refused. Refused. One time, you wanted to “go to the potty” (which about 1/3 of the time simply means that you want to wash your hands). When I took you, I got the impression that you had to “go #2”. I tried to get you to “go” when you replied with “I can’t. My poo poo is broken!” with the most worried face I’ve seen. I couldn’t help myself. I had to laugh. What you meant is that you didn’t want to “go” on the potty (for reasons that are beyond me), but you opted to go with “broken”.

Finally, by late in the month, Daddy had a successful Poo in the potty! This was met with praise beyond measure. It was met with your very first breakfast made of dessert (home made cherry cheesecake). It was met with a whole sheet of your very special stickers. It was met with high fives all day long. It was not met with a daily adventure to try again. We’ve had some more success, but not anything close to consistent.

Because your Mommy is a total sucker, I got a “potty watch”. This is a count down timer that sings every 30, 60 or 90 minutes with the idea that when it sings, you go to the potty. Your friend has one and it is working well at school, so I am a sucker and got one. The problem: when we got it home, set it for 30 minutes to try it out, you flipped out. It went off while you were playing and you melted down and had a crying fit about your watch singing “London Bridges”. I cannot explain why, but I did feel bad when I laughed at your crying. On to the next plan, I guess.

This month you also expanded your diet. Not only are you eating what I have deemed to be a normal amount with regularity, you are eating things like Mac ‘n cheese. Corn on the cob. Chicken that isn’t a nugget. It is wonderful. But, you have turned into a squirrel. Squirrels are known to hold food in their cheeks for a long period of time. This is what you do. The first time I noticed it, I hoped you would chew and swallow. but it was a couple of hours before you did. How silly did I look at the restaurant saying “chew. Sweetie – chew. Come on, chew”? It apparently was so much fun for you that it is now part of my regular conversation with you over food.

This month we had a lot of visitors, including your Aunt from New Mexico and cousin from Seattle. With their visit came your very first trip to the beach. Much to my glee, you LOVED it. The first night we were there, we took a walk on the beach and you walked right into the waves and got soaked (even though we were not planning on swimming). You had so much fun making sand castles, chasing and running from the waves and kicking the water. I am very excited for your next trip (maybe even this year??)

We made our first trip to the movie theater to see Winnie the Pooh. You were not all that impressed with the movie, but you ate your weight in popcorn and were thrilled to watch a movie while eating this salty treat. In hind sight, I would have fed you something resembling dinner before the movie instead of trying to convince you to eat something not nearly as tasty as popcorn after the fact. Live and learn.

We are boldly going into the three’s and we have a lot more in store for you before we do. Just know that we love you, even when we laugh at you.