When leaving the house, I am getting much better at herding the turtle. I keep thinking this, but between Mount Crumpit and my turtle becoming more and more opinionated, every step I take forward, I sometimes take a step back.

This morning we had plans to play with her BFF and other friends at the spray park. We were leaving so early, that I thought we were going to get there a little too early, so I went ahead and changed the Bean into her swimming diaper and swimming suit so we could play in the water a little faster (and kill a few minutes before leaving the house).

The universe had other plans.

We went out, got the Bean buckled in and looked at the car’s tire… it was flat. It had enough air that I was willing to limp it down the hill to get air in the tire. I made my way to the local tire shop and they were able to get me in “right away”. Bean and I entertained ourselves in the waiting room. I pulled her on my lap to read something and all of a sudden, my leg was wet.

Did you know that swim diapers are meant to only contain solid material and not liquid material? I didn’t until today.

I asked the guy if I can get the diaper bag out of the car. He said it was fine, the car was still outside so I could help myself. A quick glance at the clock made me wonder what he meant by “right away”. Frustrated w/ a wet child, I just got the bag.

We went to clean the child, wash her shorts in the tire store sink (FYI, the bathroom was not as clean as I’d wish – but I bet they didn’t plan on my doing laundry in their sink). I put her into a diaper that would hold both liquid and solid (but hoping it would need to do neither because she would be magically potty trained, just like that.) (No such luck.) Then we waited another few minutes to learn that there was nothing wrong w/ the tire. No holes. No nails. No screws. No nothing. Just fine. (Except for the little detail that it was flat this morning.)

We were now an hour and a half late for the play date at the spray park, but the child had talked about it non stop to everyone in the tire store – it was not likely she was going to forget if we went home. So we went, she had fun for the few minutes her friends were there, and for several more after they left. Her shorts still smelled a little like pee and we got home in time for nap and for mommy to start drinking wine.

How do plans get so off course?