Shortly after coming back to my room after giving birth, the topic of bodily functions became an acceptable topic of conversation as long as the functions were that of a baby. Now I find myself continuing the conversation about a toddler.

When and how much is she going to pee? Can she hold it? Is she ready for potty training? Why won’t she poop on the potty?

Somehow, the conversation flows out of parents of small children; just as they are discussing what they did the evening before. I am 100% guilty of this. Over lunch with two other moms, we discussed potty training at length, including where the poop was happening and how to make it go in the potty. While eating lunch. Why is this normal??

The addition of a tiny little life has made my strict rule of not discussing poo (except when tied to a medical problem and even then only at an appropriate time) completely null and void.

For reference, the rule of not discussing your movements in mixed company (i.e. with me) is still in effect if you are above the age of 5. This rule may change when the bean is 5, but I hope not.