It was kind of like the 100 day war. There were loud noises, a good amount of conflict, changes in plan because of what the enemy’s actions were – but at the end of it, there was victory.

Finally, Mount Crumpit has air conditioning. Not the air conditioning where you have leaky units hanging out the window, making far more noise and soaking the wall so much it leaks inside. Not the unit that claims to be maintenance free, but fills a 5 gallon bucket over night – and don’t sleep in, because that bucket needs to be emptied. Not the fans blowing on you in every room to make the humid 100 degree days kind of bearable. This is actual, real live, air conditioning.

There were weeks on end in which the worker bees were drilling holes through two foot stone walls in the basement. You’d think that by being in the basement it wouldn’t be that loud – you’d be wrong. They shook the entire house and the noise is not buffered through wood floors. I’d even go so far as to say it echoed (although, that could be my imagination). I tried to find solace in some part of the house and would take my laptop in each room, hoping to still have wifi signal and get away from noise. When they were done with the drilling, there were more worker bees who would power saw something over there, over here and everywhere. Then there was the banging and clanging – I felt like the real Grinch listening to the Who’s children on Christmas morning – and my mood matched.

Then we were over schedule. And not by a little bit. One (of many) promises we had was to have AC for the family visit (during the summers first heat wave). That was granted… on the last day of their visit. But it didn’t work properly. Then I was told (in the most patronizing of ways) that I clearly didn’t understand how AC works because it was working properly. I don’t understand how AC works?? I know it is supposed to cool me off and it was not – that is all I need to know. (We had a discussion about that that resulted in him coming to tell me that it wasn’t working right and that he was sorry. Not sorry enough in my opinion, but hey – I am the Grinch.)

But now, I have a new support structure in the house, I have cool rooms in every room of the house, I have (most importantly) the worker bees GONE and I once again have solace in almost any room. With wifi. Now – I need to figure out a plan to paint over all the very ugly patchwork through the house and the carpenter (aka, contractor from heaven) can get to work on covering the eye sores that are the few ducts that are showing. Eventually. For now, I have my family in a cool house on a hot day – I can’t ask for more at the moment.