Dearest Bean,

You are really getting good at this whole “2-year-old” thing. All the good and all the not-so-good is out in its full glory.

Daddy and some very good friends put your fancy swing set/playground together this month and YOU LOVE IT! You spent the first few days talking about nothing else. It is also serving as a new thing to get you nice and tired before bed time – Mommy and Daddy love that particular feature. Just as an FYI, Daddy has a minor obsession with the new toy. He is often found researching various add-ons that are available for this thing. Most of which are pretty cool, but I expect that if you can vocalize any desires regarding the “pway ground” (as you call it), your wish will be met with open arms. The last I heard, you are getting a picnic table and a sand box – and maybe a bigger slide.

Last month the Easter Bunny came to see you. He left a few new books, a new “baby” to go with your ever-growing collection of babies (that you must take to bed with you and bring down with you… Mommy’s arms are VERY full for the journey each direction). You are a very good doll Mommy though – you remind me to be careful with them and when we get to the destination, you immediately put them to bed. If it’s been a rough day for you, I’ve noticed that it tends to be a bad day for the babies too. They end up in time out doing shockingly similar things that landed you in time out. You do remember to give them a hug and tell them you love them when finished with time out though – at least you are remembering that part (although I have doubts about the “sorry” part… but I’ll take what I can get).

Your Godfather has moved in with us this month. He is in the process of moving to town while your Godmother is staying with our other friend during her work transition. You have loved having him with you more often, but you are often confused by his schedule (he works graveyards). When you see him in the morning, he tells you ‘night night’ – then goes to bed.

The house is going under more work – this time to retrofit ducted air conditioning into a house that was not originally built with electricity. This has involved a lot of loud work. Normally this doesn’t affect you because you go to daycare, but one day you were home this month. The vacuüm makes too much scary noise (according to you), do all the drills, saws and huge vacuums were FAR too much for you to deal with. Thankfully that was a short day and we were able to keep most of the noise away from the kitchen if we closed all the doors.

“Why?” is beginning to pop up ever more often. You not only want to know what things are, but why things are the way they are. A favorite response I got from your Uncle Jay – because I’m older and I have more teeth. When I gave you this answer, you were confused enough not to ask again – I may have to try it again. Additionally, you are beginning to not accept no for an answer. There was one trip home from daycare when I forgot your snack. I will admit this was my bad, I forgot and I know you will be hungry – but I forgot. You decided that was a good time to throw a crying hissy fit. Since I couldn’t solve your problem (having no snack to share) – I did the only thing a parent could do…. I turned up the radio. This didn’t help with your crying, but it did make it harder for me to hear so I could get home. FYI, you can’t judge until you have a child of your own in the same circumstance.

You have decided that you like to eat cheese pizza. Finally – something new! OK, that and a thin mint (which you loved). I can’t call that a new food because I am not feeding it to you for dinner. Now the dinner repertoire has 4 “main dishes” to choose from – hot dog, chicken nugget, fish stick, cheese pizza. Thankfully you still like the sides and breakfast foods so you are not yet starving. You are going to drive me nuts, but I have not obsessed nearly as much… I think I am getting better about that.

Grandpa came to see you this month and was overjoyed at how big you are getting and how smart you are. You are not only doing the ABC’s song, but you are actually learning the words at the end. Still not perfect, but so much closer. It no longer includes a pick up at LMNOP again. Also, you can count to 20 (as long as you don’t need 16 and 19… those are usually forgotten – but again… close). You are also getting much better about all the family names. Daddy’s name you almost always get without thinking about it, you know our last name (but are a little confused about other people’s last name… you think that all our friends also share the same last name). You also have gotten MY name right – I am no longer “Princess”. However, the princess toys you have, you now call Francis. Again – SO close.

We love you so much and can’t wait for the next installment. The two’s are a lot of work, but they are also so much fun.