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Private-i, once again, sent me something that requires immediate follow-up. A blog I frequent, Rants from Mommyland, often makes me think that she is raising my child.

The entry entitled “Five things about the terrible twos” brings up a part of the two-year-old psyche that I don’t believe I’ve mentioned in my writings. It is the fearlessness. My daughter is also similar to the nastyass honey badger. Unless of course, you have a vacuüm – then she is a pile of slobbering, quivering mush, begging for you to save her.

It will be noted (slightly behind in the WWIT2011 writings, but I have notes) in the “What was I thinking 2011” entries, we have scaffolding up in the house for various parts of the work. Initially, the Bean had a healthy respect and slight fear of these things. Now – they are monkey bars. There are no notes in the What to Expect books about this, nor are there tips on how to baby proof it. For the time being, we are going with the “don’t touch” plan… she hasn’t broken her neck yet – so I guess it is working out fine.

Tell me about your two-year old children (past or present) – are they fearless?