This post isn’t about what happened today, it is about the past week of events.

Remember the structural engineer? He “ran the numbers” and determined that we will have AC units crashing through the house (I am picturing it happening “Money Pit” style) if we don’t reinforce the two load-baring beams. To do that, we add steel. If you were wondering, steel does come in standard sizes and if we get it in that size or smaller (easy to cut), the cost of the steel isn’t that much. Our house needs steel that is 4 inches longer (of course). Then there is the question of getting the steal beam that is 4 inches longer than the width of the room where they are going, and getting it in the house. Then getting one of them on the 2nd floor.

I would bet that will be a topic for next week… stay tuned.

Next week – we have electricians coming for a lot of work, the AC guys continuing work, the back door completely blocked by asbestos abatement encapsulation and/or scaffolding (and us trying to convince the dog to “go” out the other door), my dad coming for a visit, a friend living here (working graveyard shift), I think there will be a partridge in a pear tree… but that is tbd.

It is always fun at our house!