Dearest Bean,

This month, much of your fate was decided for you.

Thanks to a very high recommendation from our friends, you moved to a new daycare. There were a few determining factors into our decision to move you. Among them was the very annoying lack of grammatical knowledge and the weekly diet included sticky buns and other not-so-wise choices. As you know, I am OK w/ you having sweets and various not so good for you things, once in a while. Since lunch is one of the two times per day that you eat, I really rely on the school to provide you with a healthy meal that was promised. I don’t think a healthy breakfast option should ever include a sticky bun. OK – once in a while, I am sure you will eat things that are nothing more than sugary yumminess for breakfast – but this will not be the norm. To address the annoying grammar… last month’s newsletter had a section that said (this is an exact copy, including punctuation and capitalization, but I did change the names to protect the guilty):

Mrs. Jane Mrs. Joan Preschools class will learn about nutrition how it help the body, Shamrocks what are they, Leprechauns count how many we see, Dr. Seuss it’s a Party, squirrel making our own.

Finally, after making the choice to move you, on your last day, I picked you up early (for a previously planned outing). When I picked you up, I saw that you were going to miss out on the snack… two Oreos. Of course I can get her to eat sugar… I need the kids to give her peer pressure to eat GOOD food.

Later in the month you got really sick. This is the kind of sick that not only got you sent home from daycare, but it also kept you home for 3 days after that. The definition of what was wrong is still a bit of a mystery. You did have an ear infection, but you never really complained about your ear. Judging from the illness you gave me (thanks for sharing the germs, by the way), it was body aches, some ear infection and sore throat. This is (to date) the sickest you’ve ever been. The first couple days, I really felt bad for you, so the constant whining didn’t grade on my nerves so much. By day three, I was certain you were whining just to tick me off and I’d had enough (especially since I was also sick, by now). I started contemplating ways to pawn you off on some sucker who I both trusted, yet deserved a little karmic retribution. I never could find them, so I can only assume it was me that needed the karmic retribution. (By the way, I am so very sorry for whatever it was I did wrong. I won’t do it again. Promise.)

While trying to teach you mommy and daddy’s names (good thing for kids to know), you get that you have a last name, but and you get that we have names other than “Mommy” and ‘Daddy”, but you are having a hard time grasping that your Godfather and Daddy have the same name, and you think my name is “Princess” (see #24 – I really need to work on annunciation). By the end of the month, you have all of our names down (including your own full name), although I am still “Princess” – but now you think this is funny.

During a shopping trip, I started the prep work for potty training. We picked out some “cool” big-girl-panties that you are so excited to wear, and some extra special stickers for pee pee (even more extra special for poop). During this trip, I realized how powerful the message of marketing was when I got your “big girl” bedding. When I went shopping, the options for blankets/sheets that would fit were either pepto-pink (and you know my disdain for this), or tinker bell. Around the same time, you got a Tinkerbell table as a gift (was significantly less expensive option over other tables). Today, when we were picking out some new cups and utensils (as yours are feeling their wear), you picked out all Tinkerbell. I find this particularly odd since you’ve never seen Tinkerbell in action. Never a movie, I think she has a cartoon now.. you’ve never seen it. But the table and bedroom set have dictated the prize for potty training… whatever works, I guess. I did do some research into the new Tinkerbell world and am told that the stories are cute (aka, not annoying) – so I can live with this obsession.

Early in the month, you would wake up at night from having nightmares. The only thing we can think of that is scaring you that much is the vacuum (which you always point out is “vewwy scawwy, mommy”). We had the vacuum upstairs for a while and you’d point out how scary it was when we’d walk by. Finally we moved it, but the nightmares didn’t stop. We really never did find a good solution to this, but the nightmares did stop when you got sick.

After your illness, you did seem to be sleeping later. One Sunday you slept until 8:30 (shockingly late from the kid who wakes up at 5:00 daily. One weekday morning, you were still sleeping after I woke up, took my shower and got ready, took the dog out, then finally went to wake you up. When you did finally open your eyes, you looked at me and said “Mommy, go back to bed. Time for night night.”, then rolled back over. In hind site, I should have listened to her – but I am shocked at the complete 180 from this kid. As feared (and kind of expected) this was not a true trend and we are now waking up at 5:30 again.

Early in the month, you fell in love with your sparkly shoes that your friend got you. They are simple shoes, except for the very shiny silver glitter all over them. You love love love them and I have to hide them from you, so you don’t wear them out by wearing them every single day. On the last day of the month, your friend “Uncle Charlie” got you something special. It was a pair of red boots (slightly sparkly) that you fell in love with. You saw them and immediately dropped to the floor and took off your shoes so you could put on your fancy new red boots. I can only glean from this that you are a girl after your mommy’s heart when it comes to the perfect pair of red shoes.

Mommy and Daddy love you very much and we are very proud. Spring is here and there is sure to be a new surprise or two just around the corner.