I am counting calendar days, not work days – just because it is easier… and either way, we have lived w/ it for that long…

On day 7, I met w/ the power company who is going to be upgrading our service by about three times. This will include fancy new power poles, new trenches and holes dug, shiny new transformers… and one glitch.

It seems that who knows how long ago, who knows who, used the electric company’s pole to run a line to run power to the pump which provides water to the cisterns (please see blogs from What was I thinking 2010). It seems the unknown person tied the wire to the electric company poles (which is somewhere between illegal and ill-advised) to power the pump house. To date, no big deal… but now that we are getting fancy new poles, the power company isn’t touching the mystery wire. This means that if anything happens to the pole or wire or anything, it is on us… makes perfect sense. Except we have a lot of trees, and as you may have heard, they like to fall sometimes. To date, we have not had a tree fall on power lines (keep crossing fingers), but if it did in the future, we’d get the power company to fix everything except that line leading to us getting water.

The solution – let the power company do something (there were a couple of options – neither of which I really understood), that will solve this problem. The guy is going to work out all the numbers and give a recommendation for them taking over control of the line (meaning if power goes out on that line, they fix it). Hopefully, the cost is minimal… (still crossing fingers)

On day 6, the cutting of holes in the hundred-year-old plaster continues – now with a new roommate who works graveyards (so sorry). I do hope the shutting of the shutters and addition of dark curtains helps – even though there is a drill outside your door.