You may recall from day one that the engineer wanted to measure the beams in the ceiling. To do so, we had to have large holes cut in the ceiling (so very attractive). As it turned out, one of the holes was cut in the wrong place (of course). But, an initial check of the other hole (cut in the right place), we will have to reinforce the structure to allow for more weight. (of course). Next up – check the extended hole in the 1st floor ceiling, and get advice on exactly how to reinforce the structure. Hopefully the reinforcement is only needed on the second floor.

On that note – I realize that “reinforcement” doesn’t sound all that daunting. But think about it. We don’t need to “reinforce” a small thing. We need to “reinforce” a load-baring beam of the house. Apparently we have lucked out because the piece that needs to be reinforced on the 2nd floor is very accessible (meaning it is still really hard to do, but at least we don’t have anything in the way). From what I understand, the “reinforcement” will be a steel beam bolted onto the existing beam (aka, HUGE hole in the ceiling). How a huge steel beam (not multiples, I asked) will get in place – I don’t know. I am hoping someone who has done this before has an idea.

Gotta love home improvement projects…