Consider this your fair warning. I am going to discuss poop, puss and other bodily functions and how they relate to my sick daughter. If this topic will gross you out, you will want to skip this post.

As you may have guessed from my warning, the Bean is sick. She had a lingering cold for a while, then an ear infection, then fine for a while, then runny nose… all normal and nothing I’ve worried about. Then the fever spiked. Then the fever blisters began. Then the congestion set in…. and she started to scream. Almost non-stop. So… we go to the doctor.

The doctor (recognizing she was not the average sick kiddo) tested for strep, flu and ear infection. The only winner was an ear infection, and probably a lot of body aches (Me: no kidding… kiddo is UN happy). (I think I need to be a doctor… “she hurts. give her something for that and she’ll feel better.”) I also ask about what looks like a little zit on the face of my two-year-old and the zit that seems to have formed during the time at the doctor’s office on the inner lip. She informs me that they were fever blisters, they are viral (a form of herpes) and not a lot can be done. Just have to let them heal on their own. The logic of this is infallible, but I have a two-year-old who doesn’t listen to logic, I’d like something more. They don’t seem to be bothering her that much, so I move my worry to the actual pain and get the drugs. That night she woke up in INCREDIBLE pain that made us worry enough that she needed to sleep with us (Yes, I know it is a bad idea to start this habit, but when your daughter is screaming in pain from another room, you’d do the same… I promise). The crying was near constant, no one slept, but she did feel comforted. In the morning, I realized that she has new fever blisters, some of which were popping and one on her tongue tip. There was remnants of bloody drool over the sheets, pillows and my shirt. That, and the fever comes back as soon as the drugs ware off. This was the beginning of my sickness. (I really wish she would learn to share good stuff, NOT bad stuff).

Day two was filled with more puss, more blood, more fever, less eating (not only lack of appetite, but sores on tongue and gum line are preventing her from eating anything that would sting. (as if my kid who doesn’t eat needed another reason not to eat.) OH – but the pooh is another signal of a child who doesn’t feel well… it was horrid. This comes from a Mom who knows what bad diapers are… and I swear I think these were the worst I’ve seen.

So the kid got herpes (I really need her to stop kissing boys at daycare), had more snot and drool and bloody, puss-filled scabs and the most vial poop I’ve ever seen… and it was all over the last several days.

Thankfully today she is feeling better. There are still sores on her gums, but the tongue is feeling a little better and the sores on her lips and chin are improving a lot. I hope the bloody puss comes out of the sheets and I have survived yet another curve ball from the kid… let’s not try to outdo yourself too soon, hmm?