Dearest Bean,

You know why there was no 25 month post and I am late for the 26th month post. You probably won’t remember it, but believe me when I tell you, it is a good reason. We don’t need to go into details here, do we? I didn’t think so either.

Over the last couple of months a lot has happened.

— You know your ABC’s (not the ending of the song though… but that isn’t on any quiz in college, so it is OK to sing loudly and proudly “MY ABCEEE, next time LMNOP” in place of “now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me) One evolution of the song also banned the letter J, but it was OK because K was used twice.

— You can count to 13. When asked what is after 13, your answer is “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” I think this is because you are going to challenge the decimal system and move from 10ths, to 13ths. Only a genius could do this, so it is the only explanation.

— You can finally hold up two fingers to show how old you are (with assistance from the other hand). Daddy and I are quite proud that through the trials of holding up your index and middle fingers, you’ve also learned how to hold up your index and pinky fingers (you are so ready for your first metal concert)

— You are getting stronger opinions on when things happen, how they happen and who is invited. For example, you must approve all wardrobe choices for yourself. So far, you are good w/ the choices given to you with no mix and match… this works since I fold your outfits together. I fear the time is near that you want to wear one shirt from one outfit and the pants from another… Do I let you go in whatever you choose (and avoid the melt down) or put my foot down in the name of fashion, and insist that your clothes at least KIND OF match? You are also starting to get picky as to who helps you do stuff. For example, sometimes only Daddy can pour your milk. Or sometimes only Mommy can read the book.

— Daddy and I got you a personal DVD player that was originally intended to be only for car rides longer than an hour. As it turns out, it is now “your computer”, and you insist it be used more frequently. So far, we have been able to keep you from becoming permanently attached to it (by hiding it from you), but sometimes you still remember and ask for it. “Mah puter, mommy. peeze” you will say. Sometimes I will give in because you are so cute (and I really want to finish my work).

— Your memory is really getting stronger. You don’t always remember how to put away your toys, but you still remember going to Santa’s house in December, you remember going to see your friends weeks ago and are learning to anticipate something fun coming down the pike. I haven’t been able how to define “time” to you yet – I am hoping that the work you are doing on the days of the week will help that.

— You now remember everyone in pictures and can name everyone you should know, including all our good friends and family members. You know which car is ours. Next up, I am going to blow your mind and teach you Mommy and Daddy’s real names.

— You are naming more of your toys (which I find adorable) and are playing with more of your toys with wheels (cars, princess carriage, etc. ). The most popular toys are still Elmo and Glow worm (that you sleep with), Charles bear and the baby doll (with no clothes, by the way). There are several others in heavy rotation, but those are the biggies for now.

— The biggest thing (to me) is that with some regularity, you wake up at your normal time (I assume), but you play quietly in your room until you hear my alarm go off. then you call my name for me to come get you. No screaming. No crying. Just a “Mommy, here peeze.” My heart melts (especially after I realize that I got to sleep in!) You are also starting to repeat the thing I tell you when I tuck you in (night night, sleep tight, dream good dreams). You say “Night night, tight, dreams”

Daddy and I love you very much and will always be your biggest cheerleaders.

Love you. LOTS,