AZN found a site outlining the top 10 most exotic fruits. I am excited to report that we have tried many of them.

1. Rambutan – we tried it. If memory serves it was bland and over all blah. We will have to try it again.

4. Lychee – only had it canned and it was very sweet. It is also used in cocktails frequently.

5. Star fruit – not as good as expected. It was bitter and sour

7. Kumquat – tasted like a bitter orange. Pretty good, I thought – but AZN didn’t like it.

8. Durian – smelled like sewage and tasted like feet. It was nasty! Avoid this one unless you lost a bet. FYI, don’t even risk making that bet.

9. African cucumber (aka, honed melon) – pretty good. Slimy and citrusy / melon tasting with odd seeds.

There is another site that we will also have to work through… http://blog.hotelclub.com/10-more-must-try-exotic-fruits

yay fun fruit!