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One of my favorite treats is getting a latte. My “old stand by” is a Vanilla Latte, but I get different flavors from time to time. I used to get one with some regularity, but recent income changes have required a reduction of lattes.

Last night I was opening my mail where there was a Visa rewards notification that my points were going to expire soon. I forgot that I signed up for this and since am no longer with that bank, there is also no chance of my increasing the points to over that tiny hump to get the “good stuff” at the next level. Instead, I browsed through the things that were “OK”. There were several appealing gift cards for a variety of places that I do like. But the one place that I couldn’t help but go back to, over and over again… Starbucks.

There was a $50 Starbucks gift card available. So I took it.

Given that Starbucks offers absurdly expensive coffee, I expect this won’t last long, but I will enjoy every last sip of my absurdly expensive (yet free to me) lattes.

Given the same choice, would you choose the practical option (like gas card, or gift certificate to clothing store) or be totally gluttonous treat?