Last night I was listening to John Tesh radio thinking what he played was a great song I hadn’t heard in a long time.

Then I paused and wondered what on earth I was doing listening to John Tesh on the radio.

Here is what happened…

After Thanksgiving I ate too many of the “jingle bell fruit loops” and felt the  need to listen to Christmas music nonstop until Christmas. I can only assume the reason for that little bit of insanity has something to do with my joining the Junior League and throwing a grand party at a country club… but that is surreal Francis story for another day.

Most of the time when I am in the car, I  listen to my iPod. One of the local stations was playing Christmas music before Christmas, so I started listening. During that time I became addicted to the trivia they have in the morning.  I guess I left the radio on when I went to a meeting tonight but realized it when I got back in the car. You know that song by Peter Cetera – Glory of Love?  It was the theme song from the original Karate Kid (OK, not the “original” original, but the 2nd one.). I was just singing along and mentally practicing the crane move Ralph Machio perfected just in time for the win.

Then a familiar voice came on the radio saying “This is John Tesh radio”.

My first reaction was to change the station, but the damage is already done.

Apparently I am in John Tesh’s target market.

How do I survive?

Do I need a snappy two-piece cocktail pant set and blue hair dye?