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‘Tis the season to swear to the powers that be that you will do more of some stuff and less of others. I guess it is my turn.

Of course I am going to get those last 15 or so pounds as noted in last year’s resolution. OK, so there is a small detail about skipping over the first “few” pounds… hopefully I can take off some of those as well.

Other than the weight thing, I did pretty well at my resolutions for 2010. I managed to make a pretty normal life for myself. I have local friends and have a social life (sometimes that social life is so active I am a little too busy… but it is well worth it.) I am volunteering in the community. Every week I volunteer for the CNE and do pretty regular other volunteering. I made it to New York to see the Tim Burton exhibit, I didn’t do as many races as I thought, but I did do the big one I wanted to do, and I do more creative things – but still want more. Now, to convince hubby to get out and have some fun…

For this year…

  • I’ll lose weight (this is becoming a resolution staple… maybe this is the year)
  • I will find a job that I love
  • I will clean the closets and clear the one room we have left for the house to be totally finished.
  • I will keep up on getting rid of things we don’t use/need/want, instead of letting them pile up.
  • I will get air conditioning in the house!
  • I will take a vacation
  • I will take the Bean to the beach
  • Just for funsies, I will eat more fun fruit and write about it.

What are your resolutions for 2011?