Tonight is historic because of the eclipse, it is the Solstice and they are happening on the same day. This won’t happen again in my life.

What is not historic, but rather predictable, the Bean was not all that friendly to Santa. I built it up all season. We have been reading books with Santa, she is excited about all the Santa decor and we talk about going to Santa’s house. Today, she was in a GREAT mood and mentioned Santa. I asked her if she wanted to go to Santa’s house and she was excited and yelled “YES”. So we go to the mall, get some chicken nuggets and all the milk she wants… and we go see Santa’s house. When we first got in line, she was trying to get past the gate to go see Santa’s house. We watched other kids sit on Santa’s lap and take a nice picture. Then it was our turn and she was excited…

Then melt down.

We sat by Santa and watched other kids take their turn and she was still clinging to me as though Santa was Satan. How can being within inches of “The Jolly Old Elf” make a child who was sooo very excited, only moments before, turn into a screaming mimi?

When we left, with no picture, she was happy as could be and was running around having a grand time.

Do you have any tips on getting at least a decent picture with Santa?