I have never been the person to try the fancy new gadget the minute it comes out. The primary reason for this is that I don’t want to PAY for the fancy new gadgets. I love to play with other people’s gadgets and then I spend a lot of time (months, even years) trying to justify the purchase to myself. Then finally, I will one day just go buy it. I don’t know when this day is coming, but I do know that when it hits, I must make the purchase THAT DAY.

Every once in a while my internet connection at home goes down. Why? Everything from unhappy nodes to the Gods being unhappy. Sometimes the connection is gone for a while. This will not do. I have an online job that very much requires an internet connection.

When I left my old company, they took away my laptop and I convinced myself that I “needed” a fancy new laptop, even though I have a desk top that does the trick just fine. The tipping point was if I did loose connection, I could take my laptop wifi hopping as needed.

I love the iPhone and like “smart phones”. My phone has always been a dumb phone that lets me read the first couple of lines in my email,but that is about it. It texts, it has GPS, it makes and receives calls, and it CAN (although it sucks) can on the internet. The smart phones can do all of that, not suck and so, so much more. By waiting patiently, and researching endlessly, I finally did it. I have replaced by dumb phone with a smart phone. I do love it and have had a great time with it. The very sad thing is that my favorite app has been solitaire.

Does that count as a guilty pleasure? I think it does.

Do you have a smart phone? if not, why? If so – what is your favorite app?