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Dearest Bean,

I am having a harder and harder time calling you a ‘baby’, even though you will always be my baby girl. Your baby features are almost all gone and your personality (read, attitude) is getting stronger than ever.

One morning, while waiting on hold for someone on the phone, you and I played hide and seek. I was afraid you wouldn’t get it, but you did. And you had a GREAT time. We just need to work on your ‘seeking’ skills. You would look in the one place I was the first time, then go back to the front door where you “counted”, then back to the one place and say “where did you go”. I am sure this will come in time, but I had a ball playing with you!

At school, you were called a “good eater”. This was not replicated at home, but you are at  least now open to eating more than hot dogs and yogurt. Everyone who has taken care of you this month has noted how much you love to read. You have a ton of toys, but your favorite thing to do is read books and play with flash cards.

The daycare notes how smart you are and everyone is amazed at your language explosion over the last few weeks. You’ve gone from a few dozen words you can say to seemingly hundreds. I guess those flash cards are working out?

You also had another HUGE mile stone – you pee pee’d in the potty! It was a tiny amount, but it was in the potty! Daddy and I cheered so much that I think you lost site of what the cheers were for. Since then this has been repeated twice and you LOVE your prize of M&Ms.

Your Godmother has a daunting list of things for you to accomplish in your lifetime – one of which is to be a singer. This month you got well on your way by starting to learn the words to your favorite song “Old McDonald” – the language, though improving, is still not that strong. So you sing “meeeowww moooo moo eeeahh eeeaaahh ooooohhhh!” over and over again.

Mommy found a pair of shoes that you can’t take off. You have been known to take off your shoes and socks before we leave the driveway, so this is a huge win on our part. However, in retribution, this month you started stripping.You have been found totally naked with your clothes and diaper totally off – in a pile near-by. I have also been found looking for a special little gift, I guess this is my training from Bubba. Thankfully there has been no gift. Daycare reports you’ve started doing it there too. I don’t want to stifle your positive body image, but really – let’s keep the clothes on in public and with company in the house, mmm k?

For Halloween, you were Snow White (as you can see from a picture I took while Trick or Treating today. You didn’t really get the whole concept, but you had a GREAT time looking at other costumes and dogs. We went to the University and you had a good time. By the time we were back again, you were spent so we didn’t go out again. Next year I do hope you will get the concept – at least you might be easier to convince to wear the costume.

I love you very much and I am so proud of everything you are and are becoming.