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There are a few exciting things going on over the last few days –

First and foremost – Bean pee pee’d in the potty! I know – I always said I wouldn’t report on the various acts of nature done by my child… but this is HUGE, so I am reporting it. It wasn’t much, but it was there. For records… it was on 10/7.

Hubby had another headlining show – this time Bean paid attention and danced! It was totally adorable.

Bean has been calling all the people she knows by name. Well… by “name” I mean her version of their names. “Esser” “Ee-by” and “Cole” are the most common, but she also says “aah-bee”. It is very funny to watch her look for one of them. She calls their name and pats her leg (like we do when we are calling Bubba).

Her little personality is coming out even more. She is requesting (aka demanding) certain things and able to tell us what she is willing to eat (and sometimes it is true).