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Dearest Bean,

Your words are effervescent. You have many new words added to your vocab and you are putting some together. Pronunciation is still a challenge. There is some confusion between when something is “poop” vs “Pooh”. I let it go on a cow saying “booooo”, but this one is really off base and we are going to work on that. You know what both of these things are – but don’t always get the right last letter. You are also starting to put names with people other than Daddy and me. You name “Essy” and “Eebeye” and you know the names of all your friends at daycare. You said “cole” for the GM, but couldn’t get a repeat performance. You know a few colors and can count to 6 (ok… so when I say “one”, you say “two, three, six… ” but it is something. I am calling you a genius anyway.)

You fed your stuffed animals this month. I don’t recall exactly when you started putting them to bed, but the animals like all the same things you do. They sleep the same way you do, get pat on the back with something that sounds like what I say to you and they definitely prefer pretzels… just like you. coincidence?

One of my favorite things you do now is hold your finger over your mouth and say “shhh” when you see old ladies. This is from us reading ‘Goodnight Moon’ a million times. I am secretly hoping this holds out until Christmas when you see Grandma again. I think she will think it’s pretty funny.

I broke down and got your first (hopefully last) meltdown toy. I was shopping for most of your fall/winter clothes at a consignment sale, when a dog who sings and talks to you was introduced. The dog kept you entertained while I finished my shopping and when it was time to go, taking the dog home was the ONLY option. People would have thought I was abusing you for as much of a fit you threw. Thankfully it was $3 – but I fear I have set a precedent about how to get what you want. But I couldn’t just leave because I couldn’t come back and get what I just shopped for – they were good deals and would totally be gone if even coming later the same day. Hopefully the lesson can be learned during a normal shopping trip – I know I should just leave, and I will. You will be angry, but hopefully you (and I) will understand that melt downs do not result in benefits for you.

The random acts of running hugs are becoming more frequent and the cheers when I sing your favorite songs are becoming louder. You are SO much fun that even the grumpy days are well worth every moment. (although we can still reduce the grumpy time if it is OK with you….)