While folding laundry this evening, the Bean decided to help. By help, of course, I mean she would take a piece of clothing from the basket and throw it out. She would then pick it up and “fold it” (by “fold it, I mean crumple it into a pile – but we have to start somewhere). Not long into this process, she started trying on the clothing by putting it on over her head.

The first thing was a shirt. The second thing was a sock she tried to put on her foot (if it worked, it would have covered her entire leg and would keep going to her arm pit). Finally – she found some underwear and she put it on over her head. Finally, I had to laugh. I laughed loudly and she beamed with pride. So I had to change the game face and announce “Don’t put that underwear on your head”. But it was too late.

Lesson learned (again, and I fear not for the last time). Don’t laugh at a child’s behavior if you want them to stop doing it. Direction through laughter is lost on a 20-month-old child.