With August over, I have been officially job hunting for a month now. I have secured some contract work, which I am grateful for – but I still hunt for a more permanent job. Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Job boards (job hunter lingo for job searching web sites) are a lot of effort with no feedback. I hear various theories as to why, but regardless of the reason, it is frustrating.

Networking is crucial to job hunting. The best leads (from my perception) have been from word of mouth. At least they were able to provide some real feedback as to why my application was not accepted. The good part for me is all this fancy schmancy social networking there is! I have been in contact with a few folks that I haven’t talked to in a while and I am excited to hear what they doing.

Looking for work plus my life seems to take more work than working, plus my life. I am using a lot of time to sign up for volunteering. (This is among the long list of things I always mean to do). One volunteer role I signed up for is a project managing kind of gig – so I am excited to be able to do more than mindless work for the community and actually give some of my actual skills. If you are reading this and have some tech skills – I may ask you for some help with a part of the role. I have this grand idea, no budget – but just know it can happen!

Job hunting stinks. It just does – no getting around it. Luckily, I got a package from my old job that will help us get by for a while. Until then – send me any leads you know of – I would appreciate it! Or, just send me good wishes – those are appreciated as well.