Dearest Bean,

We are out of the teens… at least in months. I am actually starting to feel a little strange naming your age in months, but that will change soon enough.

This month I stopped (well… almost stopped) obsessing about your food consumption. You are not using the bottle at all. You’ve been off the bottle for a while, but it is really gone now. Also, you only are eating baby food to get some veggies in you – but you use other “real” foods to dip in the veggies. So it isn’t so much baby food as a healthy dip. Also, I am starting to get your eating rhythms and if you are not hungry, I don’t stress about it because you eat later.

The only other “food” change is you really like water. Not just water, ICE water. I think it is the rattling of the ice, but I am glad you like something to drink other than milk – this will make your next fever go much more smoothly.

Your words are still bubbling. The “I love you” has modified to AH-Boo, which still melts mine and Daddy’s heart.

You went to your first child’s birthday party. Sadly, you didn’t get to stay for the gifts, you do LOVE your party favor – a Dora beanie baby doll. The sharing portion of the day while playing with her toys didn’t go so well – but you were on par with the other kids your age. To go back to the food non-obsession again (I promise, I am much better), you ate the food served and even had a bit of the cake (but for some unknown reason, didn’t like it… crazy girl).

Your favorite toys continue to be puzzles and books and other things to figure out. My little brilliant mind is always at work. Sometimes it is at work to get away with something. You like to think you are very sneaky – I give you kudos for trying. At least for now, we have kept up… but I know that is only a matter of time.

For now, you are sound asleep upstairs. You have a stuffy nose and have some more teeth coming in and you are the sweetest little girl I could imagine. I love you to the moon and back!