The mornings that the Bean decides to wake up far before sane people agree, I bring her in our room and put on a Baby Einstein video and try to sleep a little more while she (hopefully) sits quietly in the pack and play. (no judgment about the TV babysitter please. thank you.)

This morning, when I finally decided I was not going to get any more sleep, I awoke to my Bean trying to put shorts on. Then I realized that she was not wearing shorts.

She was taking off her diaper.

My first thought was to laugh (who wouldn’t), so she started to laugh. Then I thought to check the pack and play for anything… umm… extra that I didn’t put in there with her… One of those things I would not look forward to cleaning up… Thankfully, it was not there. Then, finally, I realized I should probably check what was in the diaper she is taking off and replace it with one that (hopefully) will stay on her butt. I learned a few things once I actually woke up.

  1. Don’t laugh at a behavior you do not want repeated.
  2. Replace the diaper first. (The “hatch” must always be secure until she can secure it on her own)
  3. Invest in more onsies that are harder to take off, hence harder for the child to get naked before mommy is ready.