I love living in a college town. Usually…

The students bring a breath of life into a town. They keep the town youthful and forward thinking. They make sure we have a plethora of good eats, their tuition (and future alumni dollars) keep money coming into the town and all is well.

What I am not so fond of is move in weekend. Move in weekend is the time when the amount of traffic in town doubles over night. The stores closest to the University are busier than Macy’s on Black Friday. I am pretty sure that the parents of all the incoming freshmen fear their child will starve to death if they don’t fully stock the shelves upon move in. (I will not throw stones, as I am sure I will be equally as neurotic when it is my turn).

Today, I had an appointment about 10 minutes away. I forgot today was the first day of classes, so I took my normal route. THAT was a mistake. It took a nice 10 minute ride and added an extra 20 minutes. I don’t think it takes this long normally. Maybe it is the new students wanting to make a good impression on their prof’s on the first day. They ALL have to go to the local coffee shop and get hopped up on caffeine while crossing the street in random spots (not the designated and already crowded cross walks.)

Now, for the next few months, all the college places are off-limits for lunch (at least those I plan on parking somewhere close to). I will have a new class of people to educate about what “No trespassing” means. We get to listen to the football games (this is a good thing) and then… fall is coming.

All is well in Hoo-ville!