Tonight I went out with the girls and played Bunco. I went kind of blind – in that I didn’t really know how to play or really understand anything at all about the game. But I went. Why? It was a game. It was a girl’s night. It was socialization. All good things – the game can’t be bad.

As it turns out, I suck at Bunco (which is simply a game of luck). But – the person who sucks the most (i.e. the person with the least points/wins) also gets to win. Woohoo! I suck more than anyone else in the room.

What I really enjoyed is a mommy night out. When I came home, everyone was asleep. I felt like a 1950’s Dad who was coming home from poker night. This evening comes at a perfect time for me. I feel relaxed, I had a good time and even came out ahead.

Do you ever get out? Just for you? Just for the night?