Most people run inside when it rains, not us. Growing up in the desert, rain is very special. During the monsoon season my mom and I would jump in the car and chase the lightning. Sometimes we would stop to get an ice cream cone and sit in the back of the truck to watch the rain.

Now that I live in Virginia, thunderstorms are still wonderful to watch and listen to (even though I cross my fingers to not lose power). The cool air and cold little drops are like little memories coming back to me.

Sadly, the Bean doesn’t have these same memories. Instead, she hears the thunder and doesn’t understand it. She just knows it is loud and very scary. Last week she woke up screaming because of a thunderstorm. Thankfully Daddy and I have magical powers to make everything OK – but I wish there was a way to make her understand and not fear the storms to begin with. She is a little young to “chase the storms” – a little young to try to understand it. I can’t show it to her.  I did get some good ideas for future storms from Facebook friends (see, Social Networking is good!)

Maybe in the not so distant future, she can sit on the porch with Daddy and me watching the storm and building little memories to fall on her head in a few decades.