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There are many benefits to living atop Mt. Crumpit. Admittedly, one of the biggest benefits has been the endless writing fodder. Yesterday is no exception to this.

After a nice date with hubby and picking up the Bean, a huge thunderstorm landed on the town. This is not unusual for an August afternoon, but thunderstorms only mean the threat of a loss of power (and water) and the threat of trees falling.

When I grew up, it was in the desert. We had huge thunderstorms and we would lose power from time to time. I don’t recall having power quite so flaky as the power here. Not having power is kind of a pain, but we do OK – except we need power to run the pump so we have water. I can’t live happily very long without water. I can wait on a shower, I can even hold off on washing dishes… but the toilet must flush. It just has to in order for me to be happy. Maybe I am too much of a “city girl”, but I like to do my deeds, then flush them away quickly.

A problem I have never had to deal with is trees randomly falling down. In the desert there are a few trees (we even had one of the worlds largest pecan orchards in my hometown). In order for trees to survive, they have to send their roots down to the water. Water isn’t a problem here. In fact, there are so many trees that unless the tree falls on something or across the road, it is a good possibility, I may not even notice it fell (insert joke about falling tree in the forest with no one around).

Last night, when coming home from a grand afternoon – there was a tree down and the power was out. Today, the power is back on (as is the water) and we have calls out to make the tree go away. Thankfully we have another way out, so we are not totally stuck – but I am having to remember all the good things about living here. Waking up to see the haze over the city and a beautiful sunrise is a great start.